MINI TV REVIEWS: Black Mirror Episode Reviews 4 – 6

A couple of days ago I talked about the first three episodes of my favorite show, Black Mirror. Here are the rest of the episodes from season 4, which has some more favorite and not so favorite episodes of the show. Continue reading


TV SHOW REVIEW: The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 1)

TITLE: The Handmaid’s Tale Image result for the handmaid's tale tv show poster
NO. OF SEASONS: 1 – Ongoing
EPISODES: 10 – Ongoing
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Because of the low birth rate in Gilead, handmaids are forced to bear children to the families of the commanders.
GENRE: Dystopian | Drama
NOTE: Based on the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name.
WARNING: Graphic scenes and subject matter.
RATING: 5/5 Continue reading


TITLE: Girlboss Image result for girl boss poster
NETWORK: Netflix
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Loosely based on Sophia Amoruso’s real life rags to riches story by selling vintage clothing online.
GENRE: Comedy
NOTE: The series has been canceled after one season by Netflix.
WARNING: Explicit language and (somewhat) graphic scenes.
RATING: 3/5 Continue reading

Jane the Virgin and the Original TV Show

For many of you Jane the Virgin the CW’s latest drama that revolves around Jane, a virgin, who became pregnant after being artificially inseminated. What an outlandish and original premise, huh? Well, while it’s still outlandish, the premise is not completely original. Jane the Virgin is an american remake of the original Venezuelan telenovela, Juana la Virgen.

Both shows share the same premise, but just about everything else that happens to the Janes is completely different. As someone who has watched both shows I thought it would be fun to point out some of the differences.

To clarify I will be using the original name, Juana to refer to the Venezuelan show, and Jane for the American one. I also haven’t seen past season 2 of Jane the Virgin, so please don’t spoil anything for me. Continue reading

TV SHOW REVIEW: The OA (Season 1)

TITLE: The OA Image result for the oa poster
SEASONS: 1 (for now)
NETWORK: Netflix
SUMMARY: After Prarie is once agains reconnected to with her adoptive parents, it’s clear that she is not the same woman who went missing years ago.
GENRE: Sci-Fi | Fantasy | Mystery | Supernatural
WARNING: Graphic sex scenes and violence
RATING: 4/5 Continue reading

I Don’t Like Horror Movies but I Watch Horror Shows

This semester, I’ve been taking a literature class that’s focused on the horror / weird genre. I was worried at the beginning of the course because I try my best to stay away from that genre in books and movies, but I’ve realized that it’s not true for the TV shows I do watch.  In fact, some of my favorite shows could be considered part of the horror genre. So, here’s the list of some of the horror shows I’ve watched.  Continue reading

3 Very Good Reasons to Watch Ouran High School Host Club

Quick Summary: When honor student, Haruhi, stumbles in on the school’s Host Club and breaks a very expensive vase she is then forced to work with them to repay them.  “The Ouran Host Club is where the schools handsomest boys with too much time on their hands, entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands.” And yes that is a direct line from the show. And yes, Haruhi is a girl and still forced to work as boy to repay this prestigious club. Continue reading