Monthly TV / Movie Wrap Up: March 2018

How is it possible to feel like I’ve watched a lot of movies and TV shows and also feel like I haven’t watched anything at all? It doesn’t make much sense but that’s exactly how I felt writing this wrap-up.

Anyway, this month I watched a couple of horror movies that weren’t that scary, but worth watching. I also watched a couple of period movies, most of which were great except one. And as for shows, I’m simply not in the mood to watch unless I’m pacing myself or they’re Tuskish TV dramas. Continue reading


Monthly TV/Movie Wrap Up: January 2018

I normally don’t rehash what I’ve watched in the month, but seeing how I’ve been trying to talk more about movies and TV shows, I will start to do just that.

Most of what I did watch this month I actually liked, and most of it was dark or centered around death. I know, very morbid… what a great way to start the year huh? Anyway, here is what I watched in January. Continue reading

Favorite TV Shows & Movies From 2017

Now that 2018 is done and over with, I can finally talk about some of my favorite shows and movies from 2017. In general I think it was a good year for me and TV shows / movies, and in many cases I didn’t expect to love the show or movies as much as did.  I even learned to embrace a new genre I wasn’t sure existed. I’m just not sure what it says about me if all of my favorite shows happen to be either science fiction, horror (arguable), or crime.

NOTE: Mind you, these are shows and movies I watched this year. Also, it was really hard putting these in order.

Continue reading

My Favorite True Crime Shows

Within the past year or so I’ve found out that I really like true crime stories whether they’re shows, podcasts, or YouTube videos. I find them as fascinating as they are disturbing, and most of the time they make me angry. So why do I keep watching them? Because I love seeing how the justice system works starting from evidence, interpreting the signs, finding the criminal, the court case, and eventually the verdict. I think this list shows a different aspect of how the justice system works in the U.S. whether we like it or not. Continue reading

My Favorite Shows Featuring Latinos

American TV shows like Modern FamilyThe Fosters, and even Lost featured Latino actors and characters, but they weren’t about Latinos. In fact, there are very few shows out there that have a majority Latino cast as the stars of the show. So for Hispanic Heritage month here are five of my favorite shows featuring Latino / Hispanic families. Continue reading

Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch on Netflix

I practically don’t have cable which means that most of the TV that I do watch are either telenovelas on Telemundo and other local channels (biggest guilty pleasure ever, but is it really if I own it?) or Netflix. That’s not to mention the several TV show season that I start watching and then stop for whatever reason. Therefore, I was so excited to see that Netflix added new content. Let’s break it down. Continue reading